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The Garden: Brandon Lipchik

  • At Large 56 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

In The Garden, Brandon Lipchik investigates the male-on-male gaze, exploring sexuality and intimacy in an exhibition of hand painted works in the language of digital-media. Lipchik creates sexually charged scenes which retain an innocent lense, rather similarly to a Rococo wilderness depicting lovers at play. Each piece in The Garden expresses an idyllic, intimate space in which the viewer becomes the voyeur.  A garden can be defined as an area near a house, which features an overlap of the natural and man made (with relative but limited privacy). The Garden serves to be a locational metaphor for personal growth and development, using private and public images to contrast the body and nature with digitality.

Lipchik’s method of figural abstraction functions as a means to create a varying level of entry, hiding the more intimate moments while bringing others to the forefront. The range of Lipchik’s work follows emotive sequencing which draws from the socially complex and emotionally raw acceptance of his identity as a queer man, stemming from his origins in a small town. The successive layering he presents juxtaposes ideas of flesh and body with that of digital immateriality. Lipchik’s paintings draw heavily from digital sketches he creates; replicating their constituent parts to near-exactitude. Intriguingly, these works go beyond what his computer sketches can produce within their program of origin (or the screen they are made on), through the addition of analogue painting (paint). Lipchik’s application of multiple techniques in his painting displays his facility when manipulating physical matter, all the while allowing the poetics of digital language to be informative.

Lipchik accepts in a similar vein to post-impressionism; what the camera cannot do, the artist will. It is the screen and the employed software which are used as a foundation for Lipchik’s interventions and physical investigations into the act of painting. This search continues against the backdrop of rural Pennsylvania’s landscape within Lipchik’s figurative garden.


The Garden opens Friday, February 2nd from 6-9pm and will be on view at 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY.

Wed-Sat: 12-5pm and by appointment until Feb 24th, 2018.

Later Event: March 1